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Colorado Dark Sky Class

This class will take place in Westcliffe and Silver Cliff, Dark Sky Communities in Southern Colorado. Committed to preserving the natural and brilliant night skies, we will be able to view them through high-powered telescopes. In addition, we will observe and interact with the geography, geology, natural resources, and history of the Wet Valley.

From here, we will travel to The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. This park is designated as a Dark Sky Park by Here we will also observe the night skies, explore the dunes, and visit nature preserves for wildlife, plants, and migratory birds while discovering the many ecosystems of the area.

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Downtown Leadville Colorado Photo by Danette Ulrich

Leadville Colorado Geology, Geography and History Class

Explore the histories of Leadville and Twin Lakes during Colorado’s Gold and Silver “booms”. By 1879 silver mining was in full swing in Leadville, home to over 30,000 people. The town featured modern amenities for the newly wealthy. Brothels, gambling halls and saloons enticed the more colorful element who were seeking to get rich through nefarious means. Leadville fortunes were made for many famous people. Neighboring, Twin Lakes was an important transportation hub between Leadville and Aspen. As gold played out and silver prices plummeted, Leadville’s economy faltered, mines closed and unemployment rose. Today it maintains a vibrant community through it’s history and a wealth of outdoor activities.                  Please click on the image for specific class information.

Charleston, South Carolina Wildlife and History Class

A sophisticated city with small-town, historic charm and 6 nearby beaches. Downtown Charleston is very compact and walkable with short distances between events and points of Interest. Remember that it was a small, walled city in its early vibrant history. The 44th Spoleto Festival will be taking place during this time. A first rate performing arts festival to mimic the famed festival in Spoleto, Italy. The shows are held in theater halls, churches and on open air areas in the city. The city will be flush with visitors as it always is so it is best to not be in a hurry!
This class offered through Colorado School of Mines Teacher Enhancement Program
“One of America’s most delightful cities.” – Condé Nast Traveler
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