About Us

Welcome to our blog, We are Danette Ulrich and Ali Dowd, a mother and daughter team who share the love of teaching and travel.

 Our mission is to cultivate curiosity, creativity, character, and knowledge through dynamic, experiential and inquiry based travel and learning. 

 We believe that teachers possess vital influence in developing an inquisitive citizen. Therefore, we offer enhanced learning opportunities for teachers and others wishing to broaden their global perspectives, understandings and relationships through travel. 

 You will find, the pages and blog posts on this site are fluid. Our goal is to make the content meaningful, enjoyable, educational and of value to a broad audience of readers and participants. As a result, there are a range of topics and a spectrum of opportunities for travel and learning experiences near and far. 

 Additionally, we offer some of these  as classes for graduate college credit, and continuing education credit through Colorado School of Mines. Also, you can enquire about non-credit and other options on the class page, or through  the button below.




Ali and Danette Sailing photo by Elaine Ulrich

What we have learned through our travel experiences

.While traveling or living abroad, experiencing routine situations can be difficult. One thing we discovered about ourselves and our expectations was that sometimes seemingly simple situations can seem hopeless and mystifyingly, unsolvable. As well, we have experienced “personal conflict” between what “we know and expect” (based upon our culture), and what was true in another culture. What I think of as “A deer in the headlights” revelation for us. On the other hand, returning home and dealing with situations in a familiar environment can be even more challenging. Routine can and often does breed complacency.

In short, there are times that require a diligent effort from us to not want to change other people and  places to meet our needs, our standards, and our desire for comfort and ease by insisting that situations meet our expectations. 

In a nutshell, focus more. Also, understand the challenge of language differences and communication barriers. Be open to the fact that processes can be baffling. To be sure, you may not always experience quick and easy solutions.  Therefore, your time, cooperation, complete presence, patience and flexibility will be required.  A tip for  service can be an excellent motivator. Be understanding, be kind, and enjoy and learn from the process. Make connections with other people from other places. Be prepared to be surprised by generosity, warmth and support you might receive. Above all, expect things to work out. In the end these experiences will at the very least, make you an excellent storyteller. Why else would you travel?