Camper Van Conversions

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Converted Camper Van: a growing market

The other day I was out and about and stopped by one of my neighbors who was gutting and transforming a van. I figured it was to create a converted camper van, which is pretty popular in these Covid 19 times. What is more, living in a state where the great outdoors is your backyard made perfect sense. However, I was a little surprised when she informed me that she actually planned on living in it.

Reasons for wanting a Camper Van

One of the pitfalls of living in a beautiful place with a lot to do is that people are moving here in droves. As a result, it is becoming unaffordable for many who are and were already living here. For example, house prices and rents are extremely high, especially in neighborhoods where most of us want to live. As it turns out, this was exactly her main reason for deciding to live in a personally designed vehicle/mini-home, camper van featuring her individual add on comforts.

Simple Camper Van conversion
Simple camper van conversion
Camper Vans “simple to sassy”

Traveling in a camper van

One reason for the desire to own one of these cool vans is the opportunity for a travel lifestyle with the flexibility of being able to experience more. My meaning is that one can be more spontaneous. Additionally, the ability to travel farther and longer, off the beaten path, on the beaten path, and allowing oneself to be immersed in places where you can really get to know a location and the people. Also, it allows the flexibility of shortening your trip or staying longer.

Another attraction is that you don’t have to deal with hotels and restaurants if you don’t want to. You can still get out and about, but you have this safety and security that allows you to feel comfortable within the camper van if that is a better option for you.

Something you will have to have fine-tuned while traveling in your camper van is a list of what and what not to take with you. Real estate in these mini homes on wheels is pretty valuable, so you need to have this list pretty complete and narrowed do to the essentials. After all, you can easily replace most things on the road, so don’t over-do it.


A website that gives a wealth of great information about camper van conversions is The Wanderful, Another site specializing in conversion kits if you don’t want to undertake that part of the project yourself: Wayfarer Vans. Zenvanz also specializes in a van to camper conversion kits. As an alternative, if you want to try out the lifestyle first and you happen to be in Colorado, you can rent a variety of various camper vehicles from Overland Discovery.

Photo from The Wonderful

Photo from The Wanderful

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